Best Plants for the Office

Personalizing your workspace can not only be fun, but beneficial. You will find adding simple items that remind you of home can help you feel calmer, more in control, productive and happy.

Especially when adding some plants.

Whether they’re artificial or real, greenery connects us to nature and can bring a little more joy to your workday.

An added bonus if you can go with a live plant in your workspace: They’ve been shown to improve air quality.

There are several other benefits to adding plants to your office space, too:

  • Plants enhance your work space.
  • Caring for live plants can help reduce stress.
  • You can use plants as screening between desks or cubicles.

But, what are the best plants for the office?

Best Real Plants for the Office

Taking time out of your work week to care for a live plant may provide you with relief from mounting stress. You will just want to choose a plant variety that is easy to care for and grow. Here are five of the best plants for the office:

1. Philodendrons

Source: Frenchy Fancy

These plants are ideal hanging from a basket in an unused corner or sitting on a filing cabinet or bookshelf. You can even start a hardy philodendron plant in just water and move it to a pot later.

2. Spider Plants

Source: Garden Lovers Club

Spider plants prefer bright, indirect light and are easy to grow. You will want to ensure the soil stays evenly moist, so keep in mind the air and light conditions in your office and check the soil periodically.

3. Cactus Plants

Source: Jackie Rueda

Cactus plants may cause an issue if you place your planter where coworkers can get stuck. Incorporate these plants in an out-of-the-way area for display, but where they can receive plenty of light. You can choose varieties with vibrant colors over the common cactus, if you prefer.

4. Peace Lily

Source: DIY and Crafts

A Peace lily grows well in offices with lower light levels and blooms all year long for a pretty display in your cubicle. You will just need to keep the soil evenly moist.

5. Rubber Plants

Source: Crowning Glory Decor

Rubber plants remove indoor pollutants and blend well into office décor. You can use these potted plants for screening between cubicles or in corners and make a great statement piece. The soil should completely dry out before you water the plant again.

These hardy plants can be shipped from Amazon, but are not recommended to states that are currently experiencing extremely cold temps.

6. Succulents

Source: Hometalk

Succulents are probably one of the best-known plants for the office since they’ve become so popular. They’re easy to care for and are available from a wide range of sellers that often include trendy planters to match your office décor. You can choose an assortment of small pots or larger vases and bowls.

7. Chinese Money Plant

Source: Elena Biner

You’ve probably seen the round leaves of the Chinese Money Plant before. These little beauties are becoming increasingly popular in stylish homes and offices, and for a good reason. They’re easy to care for and have a pretty cool story behind it.


Best Plants for the Office With Low Light

Sometimes your office location and lighting dictates the type of plants you can grow in your work space. You need the best plants for the office that can survive in low-light conditions. If you are in a windowless room, try to expose these plants to room light for twelve hours a day.

You can find several species of live plants tolerant of low light other than the Peace lily:

1. ZZ Plants

Source: The Outdoor Collective

These plants work well in low light conditions and blend seamlessly in your office as an indoor bonsai with their glossy green leaves. The ZZ plant will easily grow in a dry environment.

2. Snake Plants

Source: Glitter Guide

Snake plants are quickly taking over as the best plants for the office – and anywhere, for that matter. These plants feature uniquely shaped leaves that give a “snake” appearance as they grow upward. Snake plants thrive in low to moderate lighting areas and are extremely hardy. You will need to water the plant when the soil is dry. Buy a smaller plant for a desktop planter.

3. Ivy

Source: Lauren Conrad

Varieties of ivy grow well in low light offices, especially the English and Algerian species. You will want to allow the soil for these plants to dry out completely before watering. Since these tend to spread, consider placing these across the top of a bookcase.

4. Pothos

Source: Melty Fashion

Pothos, or Golden Devil’s Ivy, is a variety of hardy ivy that is great for beginners. Wait until the soil is dry completely before watering, and keep it in a low light environment since this air-purifying plant prefers indirect light.

5. Ferns

Source: Etsy

Ferns may require a bit more care to ensure they keep consistently moist soil, but you will find they thrive well in low-light offices. You can use ferns for screening between desks and cubicles. Consider adding Button, Autumn or Rabbit’s Foot ferns to your office space.


Best Artificial Plants for the Office

If you are lacking in the green thumb department or can’t grow live plants due to your cubicle’s location and lighting, consider enhancing your office space with artificial plants. These plants don’t require any special care other than occasional dusting:

1. Succulents

They may be easy to keep alive, but if you really don’t have a green thumb – or just want an even lower maintenance plant – try the artificial version of this popular plant. (via Jamali Garden)

2. Weeping Fig Tree

If your office has unused corner space, consider sprucing up the area with a weeping fig tree. These artificial trees typically come in sizes up to three feet or higher. (via Amazon)

3. Potted Plants

Artificial potted plants can match your work space as you can pick plants with blooms in shades of yellow, white, purple, pink and more. These plants are usually inexpensive and are easy to move around the office.

Faux Potted Plants to Try:

Lavender (via Amazon)

Mini Potted Grass (via Crate & Barrel)

Snake Plant (via Target)


The best plants for the office are the ones you can care for while at work without adding any job-related stress. Depending on your office, you might also try combining artificial and live plants in your space.

Best Plants for the Office

Have you added any plants to your office?

Comment with any plants you enjoy in the office and share this with your coworkers as a way to enhance your shared work space.

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