As of July 2015, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the number of employed individuals working part-time for economic reasons is remaining steady at 6.3 million — and some of these jobs are pretty lucrative!

To get you started on landing one of these coveted part-time jobs, here are 12 to consider.


1. Tax Preparer — A tax preparer is a great option if you’re looking for more seasonal work and you love working with numbers. The busiest season for a part-time tax preparer is in the spring when you’ll be helping people prepare and file their annual tax returns.

No training? No problem! Basic tax preparation classes can be taken online and require just 60 hours of training to complete. You’ll need to pay for a Preparer Tax Identification Number, which costs $64.25 the first year and then $63 for each year after that.

Salary: A seasonal tax preparer can expect to make between $5,000 and $10,000 during the first season working.


2. Nanny — Do you love kids? Being a part-time nanny could be the perfect part-time job for you. The great thing about being a nanny is the flexibility ― with enough searching, you’re bound to find a parent who has a need for a nanny that fits your schedule perfectly.

Salary: Hourly rates for part-time nannies vary greatly based on the number of children and your experience. Typically, part-time, hourly rates start around $12 for one or two kids and go up from there.


3. Pet Services — If you adore animals, offering pet services could be the perfect part-time job for you. It doesn’t just include dog walking, either. Other part-time pet services positions include pet sitting and bathing and grooming.

Salary: Beginning pet sitters and dog walkers charge between $10 and $15 dollars an hour. Note: walking multiple dogs could be a way to significantly bump up your per-hour rate. Just make sure you know how many dogs you can reasonably walk at one time ― or the dogs could end up walking you!


4. Rideshare Driver — Rideshare drivers don’t need a special license or training. All you need is a background check and you can start immediately! Services such as Uber or Lyft are present in most cities and large communities, and are always looking to hire new drivers. The best part: You can set your hours and work as much or as little as you want.

Salary: Rideshare drivers who are smart about when and where they work can make between $20 to $35 dollars an hour.


5. Birthday Party Character — You might be surprised by this one, but playing dress up for kid’s birthday parties is another great option, especially if you love working with children and you don’t mind acting a little silly! Dressing up as a clown, princess, pirate or superhero for children’s birthday parties requires little experience. The costumes are the only start-up costs, unless you choose to work for an existing company.

Salary: Princess party characters can make between $40 to $50 an hour plus tips. To get started as a birthday party character, you can consider contacting existing companies and asking for an audition.


6. Event Planner — Are you creative, organized and friendly with people? Event planners work primarily evenings and weekends, and they can begin their part-time career with little to no training. The best way to get started as an event planner is word of mouth and experience, so offering your services for free, volunteering to plan community fundraisers, or interning at a hotel for a few months may be the best way to get your name out there.

Salary: estimates the median rate for a part-time event planner is $28 per hour.


7. Tutor — If you excel at a certain subject, consider tutoring as a part-time job. Tutors can work both in-person or online, but in-person tutors typically make more money.

Salary: As an in-person tutor, your hourly rate varies greatly based on your experience and skill level. Tutors can command an average of $30 to $40 an hour.


8. Virtual Assistant — Virtual assistants (VAs) work from home and manage everything from emails to data entry to blog writing for clients who have too much on their plate. Being a virtual assistant requires an intermediate knowledge of computers and great writing skills.

Salary: Virtual Assistants charge based on experience, so newbie VAs can charge $15 an hour. More experienced Vas can make as much as $60 an hour.


9. Fitness Instructor — Fitness instructors guide people as they work to achieve their fitness goals. You can work varying hours and maintain a flexible schedule by teaching or training according to your schedule. Fitness instructors typically have to maintain certification in their area of specialization, but the most basic certifications only require you to study and pass one exam.

Salary: Part-time fitness instructions make an average of $15.25 an hour, and their training may be reimbursed by their place of employment. The job comes with extra benefits, however, because you get to stay in shape while on the job. (That’s a huge step up from your typical desk job!)


10. Customer Service Representative (CSR) — Many call centers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making this job highly flexible for those with limited availability. CSR’s must have competent computer skills and be good at multitasking. As a CSR, remember that you need to be able to smile and play nice, even if a customer is frustrated.

Salary: Starting hourly rates for a call center customer service representative average at $12.91 and cap at $17.75.


11. Bank Teller — Bank tellers don’t usually have a ton of schedule flexibility, but part-time work is widespread in the banking industry. In 2012, for example, one in three bank tellers worked part-time. This is a job for detail-oriented individuals who have strong people skills and are mathematically inclined. Bank tellers simply need a high school diploma or GED and can get any necessary training on the job.

Salary: The BLS estimates the median pay for a bank teller as $11.99 an hour, though other estimates place the hourly rate as high as $14.33 per hour.


12. Social Media Marketing Associate — Did you know that you could make money using your favorite social media platforms? If you’re constantly on social networks, working as a social media marketing associate may be an awesome part-time gig for you. A study conducted by Social Media Examiner revealed that 97% of marketers are using social media marketing to grow their business, so there is definitely a need for your services.

Salary: According to Glassdoor, social media marketing interns earn between $16 and $17 per hour. A social media marketing coordinator can even earn $24 per hour.


Have you made good money in a part-time job? Was it one of these jobs or another that’s not on our list? Comment below to add yours!

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