You have the basic things at your work desk: a coffee mug, a phone, a laptop, some pens and paper. You’re ready for anything, right? Well, maybe not so much.

With these 22 items you can easily store and organize in — or on — your desk, you’ll be ready to take on the day’s challenges:

22 Desk Essentials

1. Kate Spade New York Floral Sticky Note Set | 2. RainStoppers Bubble Umbrella | 3. Boottique Travel Lint Roller | 4. Anthropologie Bunny 2017 Desk Calendar | 5. Francesca’s Happy Pills Pill Box | 6. Baidecor Pink Cube Puzzle | 7. Solo 2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Rose Gold | 8. Macaron Coin Purse | 9. Modern Pyramid Glass Terrarium by MyGift | 10. Rohto Eye Drops | 11. S’well Water Bottle | 12. Marble & Copper Toiletry Bag | 13. Blue Diamond Almonds | 14. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop | 15. Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer | 16. Tic Tacs | 17. AppleWhite First Aid Zipper Pouch | 18. Tumi Lightning to USB Cable | 19. Vera Bradley Throw Blanket in Marrakesh Beads | 20. Tide to Go | 21. Kate Spade New York Office Supplies Tackle Box | 22. Meri Meri Birthday Candles


1. Sticky notes. You never know when you’ll need to write down a reminder, label a folder or jot down a phone number. Sticky notes are quick to grab, and they’ll stick anywhere for easy access and ultimate convenience.

>> My Pick: Kate Spade New York Floral Sticky Note Set

2. Umbrella. You know the type of day — it’s sunny literally all day until it’s time for you to go home. Then it decides to downpour. You’ll be thankful you keep that compact umbrella in your bottom desk drawer to keep you dry and comfortable as you end your day.

>> My Pick: RainStoppers Bubble Umbrella

3. Lint roller. Wipe off all of that excess hair and lint that has gathered on your favorite top throughout the day. This will come in handy before big meetings or presentations, and just to clean up. It’s an absolute necessity if you own a cat, too.

>> My Pick: Boottique Travel Lint Roller

4. Desk calendar. Page-a-Day calendars are the best because they can help you stay organized, and they give you a little bit of fun each day. Try a puzzle-a-day calendar to keep your brain sharp or one that gives you a funny joke every day to be the class clown of the office. You can even make your own for a personal touch!

>> My Pick: Anthropologie Bunny 2017 Desk Calendar

5. Pain killers. You never know when that headache will strike, so it never hurts to have some pain relievers like Advil or Tylenol handy.

>> My Pick: Francesca’s Happy Pills Pill Box

6. Rubik’s Cube. Keeping a Rubik’s Cube on your desk will make you look like the smartest person in the room, and it can be a handy brain-teaser for a break. Just be ready for someone to ask you to complete it.

>> My Pick: Baidecor Pink Cube Puzzle

7. Headphones. Headphones are useful for those times when you just need to block out everybody else’s conversations and keyboard chatter to concentrate — or, you know, to watch the latest cat video.

>> My Pick: Solo 2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Rose Gold

8. Spare change. Need a mid-afternoon snack? You can hit up the vending machine if you keep some change or dollar bills in your desk. Or, you’ll have money to pay Bob with when you lose the office bet. You just never know when you might need a few bucks.

>> My Pick: Macaron Coin Purse

9. Personal decorations. Pictures, drawings from your kids, personalized stationary — basically putting anything that means something to you on display can create an inviting space. You spend a ton of time at your desk, so why not make it personal and fun?

>> My Pick: Modern Pyramid Glass Terrarium by MyGift

10. Eye drops. Staring at the computer for too long? Allergies bothering you? Luckily, you keep some eye drops in your desk drawer! If you wear contacts, you may also want to keep a pair of glasses and contact solution in your desk.

>> My Pick: Rohto Eye Drops

11. Water bottle. Staying hydrated is key to a happy and healthy work life. Keep a reusable water bottle at your desk to use throughout the day. This will encourage you to stay hydrated and save the environment at the same time.

>> My Pick: S’well Water Bottle

12. Personal hygiene products. Extra make-up, deodorant, a brush, tampons, lotion — you’ll want to keep any item in your desk you may need throughout to day to freshen up and feel like your best self.

>> My Pick: Marble & Copper Toiletry Bag

13. Snacks. Keeping some energy-packed snacks in your desk will help you get through that afternoon slump. Try nuts, granola bars and oatmeal for some snacks that won’t spoil and will give you the burst of energy you need. You might want to hide these, though, so they aren’t stolen by your co-workers.

>> My Pick: Blue Diamond Almonds

14. Extra clothes and comfy shoes. At the very least, keep a comfortable pair of shoes at your desk. However, having a full change of clothes could come in handy in case you spill something, get caught in the rain or need to spend the night at the office. It’s also a great idea to keep a blazer or a tie in your desk so you are always prepared for a big meeting with the CEO — nothing like the big boss making an appearance during casual Friday.

>> My Pick: Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop

15. Hand sanitizer. Your keyboard is disgusting. It has so many germs on it, it’s actually dirtier than a toilet. So keep some hand sanitizer at your desk and use it throughout the day to stay away from sicknesses and gross germs.

>> My Pick: Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer

16. Gum or mints. Whose idea was it to have garlic at lunch? Good thing you have mints! Pop a mint or gum in your mouth to freshen your breath so you can talk as much as you’d like without feeling self-conscious — or at least not as much, anyway.

>> My Pick: Tic Tacs

17. First aid kit. Business are required to have a first-aid kit in an easily accessible location. However, for any small accidents, keeping some Band-Aids and ointment handy in your desk never hurt anybody.

>> My Pick: AppleWhite First Aid Zipper Pouch

18. Phone charger. This one’s a no-brainer. Especially if you keep work contacts, your calendar and email on your phone, you need to keep a charger at work.

>> My Pick: Tumi Lightning to USB Cable

19. Blanket. An extra sweater or blanket for those chilly days or when the air conditioning is blasting will help you stay comfortable and be able to focus on work. You might also want to have a small fan in case of hot and stuffy days at the office.

>> My Pick: Vera Bradley Throw Blanket in Marrakesh Beads

20. Tide-to-Go. Oops, spaghetti sauce on your blouse? Tide-to-Go it (or change into the handy dandy extra set of clothes you should also have)!

>> My Pick: Tide to Go

21. Organization and office tools. Don’t be so overwhelmed with everything else that you forget to bring the basic stuff to work. You’re still going to need items like pens, a stapler, tape, a notebook, etc. You’ll also need a way to organize them.

>> My Pick: Kate Spade New York Office Supplies Tackle Box

22. Party supplies. Everybody forgot about Sally’s birthday — again. Keep some candles, unblown-up balloons and even some blank cards in your desk to save the day and throw Sally an impromptu office party!

>> My Pick: Meri Meri Birthday Candles

You spend a ton of time at your desk, so many sure it’s prepared to help you take on each day. These supplies will make sure you’re comfortable, and probably make you the office hero.

What else do you keep at your desk? Tell us in the comments!

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