5 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast | 5 Reasons Why You’ll Never Bail on Breakfast Again

Having a dependable morning routine is key to getting up and leaving on time every day. Some people would never skip out on their morning shower, while others would never dream of forgetting to brew their cup of coffee.

Something that should be a part of everyone’s morning routine — and let’s face it, we’ve all left it out at some point in our life — is breakfast. Sometimes you just wake up, and food is the last thing on your mind. However, you should never skip out on breakfast.

Breakfast provides food for your body to turn into glucose, which in turn allows you to give your body the energy it needs to function at its best in the morning. If you skip breakfast, your body loses access to that needed energy — which can’t be replaced by caffeine.

If you think you can work around a morning of low energy, here are five other reasons why breakfast is really the most important meal of the day:

1. You’ll Lose Focus

When your body is low on energy, it’s much harder for your brain to focus, as found in a study done by the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition. The key for expert focus is to eat a breakfast that’s made up of complex carbs.

Think oats, whole grains and nuts. Got it? Good, now go grocery shopping while you’re focused on your list!

2. Your Work Productivity Will Decrease

Even if you don’t have a job where you’re on your feet all day, if you don’t eat breakfast, you’ll get very tired as the morning passes. Lunch starts feeling farther away, and your productivity slides to the bare minimum as you struggle to pass the time.

This happens because the brain uses two times the energy as other parts of the body to keep functioning. Ever wonder why we use the term brain food? Now you know!

Breakfast is literally fuel for your brain since it helps give the brain the extra energy it needs to start the day. You wouldn’t try to run your car without gas, so why do the same to your brain every day?

3. You’ll Binge on More Snacks

According to a study from the University of Missouri, young people who skipped breakfast compared to those who didn’t were more likely to consume more snacks throughout the day. For those who are watching their weight, that’s concerning.

It may seem like you can skip some calories by not eating breakfast, but you’ll make up for it by binging on snacks or giant meals later. Play it safe and eat a high-protein breakfast to keep from eating unnecessary calories as the day progresses.

4. You’ll Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease

Those breakfast food commercials that always talk about heart health are no joke. Skipping breakfast has been found to increase your chance of heart disease because it leads to more eating at night, which changes metabolic rates.

That fact is scary enough to make your heart race. Just eat a breakfast bar on your drive in or prep some fruit and yogurt in a Mason jar to keep your breakfast leak-proof.

5. You’re More Likely to Develop Diabetes

When you skip breakfast, your body has a drop in insulin, which causes it to rise and fall more rapidly throughout your day. This overactive insulin processing actually makes you more likely to develop type two diabetes.

The best way to combat this is to eat breakfast regularly and make sure what you’re eating is low in sugar. If diabetes runs in your family, this is something to be highly aware of.

Skip Breakfast No More

The more you know about how breakfast helps your body, the less likely you’ll be to skip that bowl of oatmeal tomorrow morning. Your body will thank you, even if it adds a couple of extra minutes to your morning routine.

What are some of your favorite breakfast foods? Do you think you function better with them? Comment below and share with your friends and get them to join in, too.

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