You just got a job, or you’re already employed. Good for you! So this means you can just abandon that resume, right? Just take it and throw it in the trash — you’re part of the workforce now.

Hold on a second — I was kidding. You need a resume, always! It’s a list of your personal accomplishments, your brag sheet, your timeline of experience. You can draw on these whenever the need arises. Even if you’re not currently looking for work, or haven’t switched your job in a while, it’s still a wise move to update your resume.

So while online tools like LinkedIn now exist, don’t be afraid to bust out the pen and paper (okay, Word works too). Why, you ask? Here are six solid reasons.

  1. Your Information May Change

Your life is never stuck in limbo, no matter how often you may feel that way. What happens if you change your phone number or move into a new home and forget to put it on your resume? Well, the next person to read it is not going to be too happy when they find out your information is outdated.

  1. Recall Your Experiences Better

When you have a memorable career experience, write it down on your resume. You’ve probably had that “duh” moment when you told yourself you’d write it down but forgot, and now you can’t fill in some of the blanks! To avoid that, and prepare for the future, document your experiences right away.

  1. Reference Statistics For Later

Don’t be that person who says “Oh, nothing really” when responding to “What have you been up to lately?” If you update your resume, you’ll be able to bring up some personal statistics that are sure to excite and engage people during small talk.

  1. Observe Your Own Patterns

When you keep a track record of your accomplishments, you’ll be able to study yourself and reflect. This will help you realize some personal trends you may have missed out on before. You could find out that you work better in teams, or you do your best work under strict deadlines.

  1. Allow for Options

You probably know by now that lengthy resumes aren’t favorable. When you know your accomplishments, you can sift through them to figure out which ones would be most relevant to the job at hand. Tailoring your experiences to fit positions or situations will help people see you’re a person with a purpose.

  1. Expect the Unexpected

You knew this one was coming, so I’ll keep it short and sweet — you can be laid off or released from your employer. It’s a sad, frustrating thing, but something that will ease your transition into a new job is having a fresh, updated resume. On a lighter note, sometimes opportunities arise unexpectedly — you could leave your job for a better one. Use your updated resume to help you dive into a new opportunity.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily bustle, but you owe it to yourself to step back and take inventory of your life. An updated resume will come in handy if you ever need to apply for a new job or call up personal stats quickly in passing conversation. It’s all in your favor!

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Sarah Landrum is the founder of Punched Clocks.

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