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Do you sit in the office all day? It can get really boring, right?

Not only that, but after days and days of working on the computer, answering calls, and going in and out of meetings you can get pretty stiff.

And who has the time to hit up the gym for an hour before going home?

No wonder we’re always looking for ways to stay in shape… or at least slip in a little exercise throughout the day at the office.

Well, here’s a little insider advice from Josh at DIY Active. He’s got 10 easy ways to help you stay active and healthy throughout the day!

  1. Plan (and Time) Your Water Intake

How often do you forget to drink water while hectically slaving away working at your desk? It happens more than you might think!

A simple way to overcome this is to set an alarm on your phone to remind you to grab a drink. When it goes off, drink what’s left of your water and head to the water cooler. Bonus: the extra trek to refill your bottle will help you get the blood pumping.

  1. Make It a Long Bathroom Trip

With more water comes more bathroom breaks. To get a few more steps in throughout the day, make sure to take the long way to the bathroom.

Use the bathroom on the next floor up or take a lap around the office before heading that way. Either way, it’s important to get more steps! Aim to take a two-minute walking break each hour – whether it’s too the loo or not.

  1. Sit on a Stability Ball

Using a stability ball is all the rage these days. Instead of the typical desk chair, use a stability ball. This forces you to sit up straight, focus on your balance and engage your core the entire day!

  1. Muscle Contraction

This is one of the easiest (albeit a little awkward) exercises to do while sitting: Glute clenches.

Throughout the day, clench your glutes (butt muscles) and hold this position for 10 seconds. Release and repeat three or four times! You’ll be squeezing your way to a firmer backside in no time!

  1. Calf Raises

Another easy exercise to get a muscle burn is calf raises. All you do is apply pressure to the balls of your feet and perform calf raises. The best way is to lift your heels off the floor while putting pressure on the front balls of your feet! It’s simple and effective – and perfect for while you’re on the phone or waiting for lunch to heat up in the microwave.

  1. Thigh Squeezes

This is a great thigh and hip exercises you can do during your break. All you do is make two fists and put them together between your knees and squeeze your hips together. Hold this for five to 10 seconds and you will definitely feel the burn. Repeat three or four times!

  1. Thigh Holds

Now we can work the muscles opposite those in thigh squeezes. Thigh holds will help you work the outer hip and thigh muscles. Press against your outer knees while you are trying to open them. Try with all of your might for five to 10 seconds, release and then repeat three or five times.

  1. Arm Circles for Toned Shoulders

If you need a break from typing, give this shoulder burning workout a try! Hold your arms straight out from your sides and perform small circles in a forward direction. Keep this up for at least 30 seconds. Then perform 30 more seconds of arm circles backwards. Do this cycle for three or five sets.

  1. Quad Extensions

It’s time to work those quads! Here’s how to perform a simple quad extension under your desk: Hold onto your chair or desk to maintain balance and then raise your lower legs up (feet and calves) in order to flex the quad. Hold that contraction for five or 10 seconds, release, and then repeat for three or five sets.

  1. Bodyweight Exercises Are Ideal

These are the best way to get a great workout in your office or even cubicle during your lunch break. You can perform planks, lunges, pushups, squats or more to totally work your entire body! Plus, you can use your stability ball for many exercises as well.

If you want to stay in shape throughout the day while at the office, there is no limitation to what you can do! There are many bodyweight exercises you can perform and you can implement many of the tools in your office (like the desk, chair or wall) in order to get a great workout.

No matter what, staying active while at work is way better than skipping exercise altogether.

Which exercises have you feelin’ the burn at the office? Let us know your favorites in the comments!


Thanks for the tips and the great guest post, Josh! I can’t wait to try these and get my butt movin’ more at work!

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