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Adult coloring books are all the rage now, but did you know the benefits of coloring were actually well-known back in the 1990s? Psychiatrist Carl Jung, actually prescribed coloring to his patients over a decade ago, before adult coloring books were actually a thing.

He was on to something. Turns out, coloring allows the area of the brain involved in the fear response to get a much-needed break, which reduces anxiety. And that’s something we could all use.

Here are some of the best adult coloring books to help you increase creativity and decrease stress. Take your pick between calm and collected, bold and bright, or fun and flashy. Either way, you’ll be on your way to being stress-free in no time.

Calm + Collected Adult Coloring Books

Tropical World ($8.38): Create your own tropical paradise to get lost in, thanks to bestselling adult coloring book author Millie Marotta.

tropical world

Animal Kingdom ($9.46): Another masterpiece by Millie Marotta, this book is filled with intricate details and patterns to which you can add your own special touch.

animal kingdom

The Magical City ($8.73): These detailed city scenes look so realistic, they’re sure to trigger your wanderlust and love of adventure. Just don’t forget to pack your crayons for your travels.

magical city

Secret Garden ($9.57): This book is double-duty. In addition to coloring pages, the designs feature animals hidden within each image for you to find as you go.

secret garden

Whatever is Lovely ($10.77): Carve out some quiet time to think about all that is lovely in the world as your color away to calmness.


Dream Catcher: A Soul Bird’s Journey ($7.99): Dream in color as you add your own to the pages of this soul bird’s journey. When you’re done, check out Christina Rose’s equally beautiful designs: Dream Catcher: Life on Earth and Dream Catcher: Finding Peace.

dream catcher

Colorful Blessings: Cards to Color and Share ($4.11): Share the love with these dual-purpose coloring pages.


Vive Le Color! Japan ($7.63): Color in cheerful cherry blossoms and more calming designs in this cultural coloring book. It has binding on the top rather than the side, making it convenient for righties or lefties to use.


The Calm Coloring Book ($6.02): The name says it all. This book could be your ticket to calmness; it’s filled with tranquil, nature-themed pictures.



The Mindfulness Coloring Book ($9.95): What do you get when you combine mindfulness and coloring? Ultimate relaxation. And beautiful art.


Creative Coloring Inspirations ($5.99): This book goes beyond blank coloring pages by including positive phrases along with the imagery. It’s exactly what you need to remember that today is going to be awesome.

creative coloring

Posh Coloring Book ($6.87): The posh book is filled with over 100 soothing designs to brighten your day and relax your mind.


Bold + Bright Adult Coloring Books

Fill-Me-In ($12.74): Not only can you color, but you can also draw and write. This all-inclusive “imagine-pad” comes with illustrations and ideas to spark some creativity for your own designs.

fill me in

Outside the Lines ($12.79): It doesn’t matter if you stay within the lines in this book, which is designed for artists with “giant imaginations.” As long as you have fun and relax, you’re doing it right.

outside the lines

Natural Wonders ($6.74): With bold, geometric designs, your artwork is sure to be the 8th wonder of the world.

natural wonders

Beautiful Relaxation ($6.29): Finally, relaxation is within reach. Bonus: The images are printed on one side of the paper only, so they’re ready to display when you’re done your masterpiece.

beautiful relaxation

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns ($7.83): Bursting with more than 45 designs, this book offers hours of stress-free enjoyment. #YASSS

stress relieving

Joyful Designs Adult Coloring Book ($7.81): This book features heavyweight paper so you can color your designs with markers, pencils or crayons and not worry about the pigment bleeding through onto pages underneath. Creativity, unleashed.

joyful designs

Good Vibes Coloring Book (5.99) The vibrant cover art alone is enough to put a smile on your face. Plus, the pages are perforated so you can quickly remove them to display your creations at home or at work.

good vibes

Adult Coloring Books ($6.07): There’s a reason why this one is a best seller on Amazon! Because the designs in this book vary in complexity, there’s something for everyone to enjoy coloring, regardless of how much time you have to spend.


Adult Coloring Book: Ocean Animal Patterns ($9.89): Get down with the sea creatures when you dive into the pages of this adult coloring book. The designs are hand-drawn by two Puerto Rican artists, and are absolutely stunning.

ocean animal patterns

Tattoo Coloring Book ($13.04): Besides offering stress relief, this book might increase your appreciation for tattoo-style art. It may also give you an idea for your next (or first) bit of body ink. You never know.


Tattoos Inspired Coloring ($9.18): More tattoos. How will we ever choose? The answer: Get both.

tattoos 2

Fantastic Cities ($10.92): These intricate cities, both real and imagined, are just waiting for you to add the color.


Color Me Stress-Free ($13.56): This book was created by a stress-busting dream team of an art therapist and artist, and includes 100 designs to finish with your own special touches.

color me stress-free

Animal Zentangles ($9.95): I’m not sure what a zentangle is, but it looks awesome and I’m sure it’s full of zen. Win-win.


Fun + Flashy Adult Coloring Books

The 1990s Coloring Book ($7.02): This throwback is awesome-ly creative and equally funny. It really is “all that and a box of crayons.” (Crayons sold separately.)


Color Me Drunk ($9.61): Please color responsibly.


The Hipster ($5.79): So hip, it comes with jokes.


Unicorns Are Jerks ($6.99): This book promises to expose the “cold, hard, sparkly truth.” Pictures include unicorns texting in theaters, farting in elevators, eating your leftovers, and generally acting like jerks.


Thrill Murray ($11.50): Featuring work from 20 artists, this adult coloring book is inspired by actor Bill Murray and scenes from some of his films.

thrill murray

Dinosaurs With Jobs ($6.99): Working 9 to 5, just trying to make a living. #Same


Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling ($10.17): Hey girl, want to color?


Swear Word Coloring Book ($5.93): Let it out. These pages make swearing beautiful.

swear word

Indie Rock Coloring Book ($7.09): Turn up the tunes. It’s time to make some art.

indie rock

Calm The F*ck Down ($7.62): Because sometimes, you need to.

calm the f down


Don’t forget your colored pencils! This Artlicious pack comes with 50 premium distinct colored pencils, each with the color name printed on the pencil, and a bonus sharpener!

Which book has you feeling inspired? Tell us your favorites in the comments, and share your finished designs on social media, making sure you tag me @SarahLandrum

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  1. Chroma Club
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    There’s also “stoner coloring book” with great designs… and us 😉

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    May 23, 2017 at 5:53 pm (4 years ago)

    There is soo many funny colouring books. Thank you for this list, it made me smile 🙂


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