Though you may not be the jokester or the loudest employee in your workplace, you can still get on everyone’s good side. The secret? Make them feel valued.

Recognition motivates 94% of employees, which leads to higher engagement and productivity. Here are 10 foolproof ways to become everybody’s favorite co-worker.

  1. Welcome New Employees With a Drink

Since many of us spend the majority of our days with co-workers, getting to know who they are can foster a more meaningful working relationship. Invite the new employees out for happy hour or a coffee together and learn what makes them tick.

Sharing personal experiences with each other reminds you how each employee is more than their title at work. You are unique and have the power to make someone else feel unique and welcome, too.

  1. Make (and Use) a Birthday Calendar

Use those small personal facts you learned at happy hour or coffee to give small personal gifts. Whether or not your company sends out birthday cards to everyone, offering a unique gift of your own speaks volumes about your investment in your co-workers and how much you value their friendship.

Hint: It also tells them that you’re a good listener.

  1. Listen

It’s easier said than done. But when done whole-heartedly, listening can be the most powerful positive connection between co-workers.

Let them finish their thoughts before jumping in. React to what’s being said rather than editing what you’re already waiting to blurt out. If you’re an overachiever, think of solutions to their situations and offer more to the conversation when you meet again.

  1. Say Thank You

Often, new workers are underappreciated since they either fill a void or relieve a previously unassigned workload. Take notice of the difference they’ve made in the office and say a sincere thank you.

They’ll remember your recognition and feel more connected to the work when they know it makes an impact.

  1. Avoid Gossip

If you don’t know something, don’t assume anything. You know what happens when you assume, and it rarely turns out well.

Colleagues will respect your ability to hold your tongue and may even follow suit. If they don’t, it’s often easier to walk away rather than restraining yourself when others are begging you to join.

  1. Answer Messages

Don’t leave a co-worker hanging. If you have voicemails, emails or instant messages awaiting a response, catch up within 24 hours to take care of any urgent business. Prompt responses also reassure colleagues that their voices matter and you are a reliable listener.

  1. Respect the Boss

Even if it’s not cool to do, you need to do it. Word travels fast, especially in close quarters. Although co-workers may not agree on the outside, they will respect your stance and respect your team mentality within the company. This doesn’t mean surrender defeat no matter what type of leader you have, but that they are just as much a part of the company as you and deserve a conversation before unsolicited judgment.

A positive perception of your boss is your own way of being a leader. Good leadership doesn’t talk smack. Neither should you.

  1. Extend Social Media Invitations

When appropriate, include the same co-workers you chat with during the day in your online presence. Keep your private media private, but don’t hesitate to treat co-workers as friends who may want to get together outside of the workweek. This is especially true of career-specific social media sites.

When 91% of people spend more than 30 hours each week with colleagues, developing work friendships is super important to your happiness. Sharing today’s social personas is a win-win in that case, as any good co-worker can give and receive professional recommendations.

  1. Greet Co-Workers Every Morning

Beyond the explicit check-in to announce your non-tardiness, it’s polite to say good morning as you make your way to your desk. This lets co-workers know you are free for conversations, both scheduled and spontaneous. It also builds the communal relationship within the office and encourages the shared motivation of working to help each other toward a common goal.

  1. Be a Reference

If you’ve followed all nine of the above tips, it should be no surprise when somebody asks you for a recommendation. After all, you’ve been the best co-worker they’ve ever had!

You don’t need to be the boss to be a fantastic reference. But, to uphold your stellar reputation, frame the letter or conversation in a positive light and be honest. Who knows, maybe they will do the same for you one day.

Make a Difference Tomorrow

This quick guide can help you on your way to becoming a stellar co-worker overnight, but you have to do the heavy lifting.

When you show up to work tomorrow, greet everyone with a cheery hello and make your way over to a colleague you don’t know very well. Ask a simple question about their work or their day before you settle into your routine.


Starting with one small, but genuine, change a day is all it takes to help foster a friendly, engaged team and win over the entire office. What are you doing to be a better co-worker? Share your tips and stories in the comments!

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Sarah Landrum is the founder of Punched Clocks.

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