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Whether you don’t have a formal office and need a place around the house to stash your things, you’re working with limited space or you just have too much stuff with nowhere for it to go, everyone could use some more organization. Here are 30 tips on how to stay organized at your desk.


  1. Pretty and Functional

Stay motivated to be organized by making your work space a nice place to be. Buy pretty accents, put some fresh flowers on your desk and get ready to hustle hard! (via Best Friends for Frosting)


  1. Shelving

Shelving is a vital part to your workspace. It removes the clutter from your desk, and if you work from home and your kids are around, it keeps important things out of little hands. Opt for some floating shelves for a more minimalist and clutter-free look. (via Style Me Pretty)


  1. Magazine Holders

Magazine holders are perfect for almost any room in the house. If you have a command center, you can designate one magazine holder per member of the family (even your pet). Have important documents, papers or homework go in the magazine holder — and avoid having it scattered across the kitchen counters. (via 204 Park)


  1. Clipboards

Clipboards are great if you need easy access to something. Hang them above your desk to keep your surfaces clean. Whether it is a to-do list, sports schedule or small reminders, you can easily grab what you need and go — instead of digging through a drawer. (via Design Sponge)


  1. Planners

Planners are a must to stay organized. If you have the room, it’s fine to double up on planners. Use your phone, a weekly planner and a monthly planner to balance your busy schedule (along with your family’s schedule, too). (via The Paper Chronicles)


  1. Trays

Trays are perfect for desk organization. You can use them to gather all of the small things that get lost when they are laying around on your desk. Plus, grouping things together makes your workspace look so much neater! (via Living in Color Print)


  1. Catch-All Space

Allow yourself one place where you can drop anything. It can be a paper tray on your desk or even a basket beside your chair. Leave your miscellaneous items in that location, and then come back to them later to organize. (via Camille Styles)


  1. Rolling Cart

Put your office supplies and paper organizers on a rolling cart that can be pulled out when you’re ready to work, and they can be stowed away when you’re all done. (via The Everygirl)


  1. Chalkboards and Whiteboards

The possibilities are endless with chalkboards and whiteboards. You can use them for lists, calendars and to-dos. You can also leave notes for the people in your house — no more sticky notes. (via Simple as That Blog)


  1. Storage Systems

Sometimes you just need to invest in a good storage system. Whether it’s a DIY or a store-bought shelving unit, it’s nice to have a big piece of furniture to organize and store everything. (via Pottery Barn)


  1. Storage Boxes

Use some pretty boxes to store important documents like passports, birth certificates or social security cards. Place them up high for extra safe-keeping. (via Camille Styles)


  1. Binders for Important Documents

If you have issues controlling the amount of paper in your life, look into using binders to keep it all in check. You can use the binders for finances, taxes, schedules or recipes. Plus, binders look very neat when they’re all lined up in a row. Keep them close, either on your desk or on an accessible shelf. (via Organizing Junkie)


  1. Simple Desk

For a clean and neat look, opt for a simple desk that doesn’t take up much space. It will keep you motivated to stay organized because there will only be space for work, not clutter. (via Apartment Therapy)


  1. Filing Cabinet Chest

This chest would be a great addition to your office. Not only is it a filing cabinet, an organizer and a bulletin board, but you can close the lid and use it as a functional piece of furniture. (via Martha Stewart)


  1. Free Printables

You can use free printables for more than just cheap art work. From grocery lists to calendars, you can print out some great organizational tools. (via Clementine Creative)


  1. Vertical Storage

In a small workspace, use your walls for storage. Pegboards a great for this. You can store a ton of things on your wall, freeing up space on your desk. Hang things like pen and pencils holders, notepads and pictures. (via Atilio)


  1. Inbox and Outbox

Designate a spot for incoming and outgoing mail. No more tossing unopened mail on your desk and forgetting about it. (via A Fabulous Fete)


  1. Small Hanging Calendars

Forget the giant desk calendar that’s taking up too much space. Hang a cute calendar above your desk and make your workspace look less cluttered. (via My Fabulous Life)


  1. Storage Under Your Desk

Put that space under your desk to good use. If you get cold in your office, you can even put a basket under your desk and store some sweaters and blankets in it. (via The Everygirl)


  1. Clear the Clutter Time

Just take ten minutes each day to intentionally clear out your clutter. It will make you feel so much better to sit down at a clean desk each day, and you’ll be ready to work! (via Love Grows Wild)


  1. Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are another great way to use vertical storage. Hang photos there, too, so picture frames aren’t taking up valuable real estate on your desk. (via Momtastic)


  1. Hidden Desk Cords

Are your desk cords out of control and making your work space look messy? Hide them! Use cords that blend in with your paint color, or take a staple gun and attach them to your desk for a neater look in your office. (via Apartment Therapy)


  1. Labels!

Use your command center to help the whole family. Label things like each individual’s drop spot, recipes, incoming mail, outgoing mail, homework or anything else your family needs. (via Just Destiny)


  1. Hanging Wall Pockets

These wall pockets are the perfect place to stick things that don’t store well, like receipts. Just drop it in your labeled wall pocket instead of burying it under everything else on your desk. (via Emily Henderson)


  1. Organized Junk Drawer

It’s ok to have a junk drawer — you know, the drawer you don’t want guests to look at because there are too many random things in there. It won’t be as painful if it’s organized, though. Cut off the bottoms of cereal boxes to create neat little places for your odds and ends to land in. (via Good Housekeeping)


  1. Charge Station

Don’t be late to work because you were looking for your phone on your way out the door. Create a charge station for all your devices to sit in overnight so they’re ready to go the next morning. (via Lilluna)


  1. Empty Space

Make sure that there is always one empty binder, container or file folder around your desk. You never know when you’ll need a new place to organize something. This way, new projects aren’t just sitting around on your desk, waiting for you to get to them. (via Style Me Pretty)


  1. Hanging Photo Garland

You want pictures of your family, friends and pets in your office, but you might not have the space to sacrifice. Hang a pretty photo garland above your desk for a space-saving trick that makes your work area unique. (via Homey Oh My!)


  1. Desk Organizer

One last tip for organizing your desk: Use a desk organizer! Desk organizers are pretty handy for catching everything you don’t know what to do with. They have those perfectly-sized compartments for things like thank you notes, paper clips and washi tape. (via The Every Girl)


Ready to get your workspace set up for optimal efficiency — and style? How will you clean up the clutter and get your desk organized? What are the best desk organization solutions you have found? Share your tips and photos in the comments! And while you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe to the Punched Clocks newsletter for tips to keep you organized and focused at work!

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