How to Cure Your Workaholism

These days most of us are workaholics. We can’t sit still. Our brains are constantly reeling — I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that. The worry about not having enough time is astounding.

In this age of technology, it’s easy for us to constantly be connected — we say it’s for emergencies, but being constantly available isn’t good. There is a way to turn this off. If we want healthy lives and relationships, we’ve got to focus on shifting our priorities. Work will always be there.

If you think you’re a workaholic, then you probably are. The following five tips can help you get your life back in order and cure your workaholism while still getting your work done — and in a timely fashion.


1. Rearrange Your Priorities

You recognize you may be a workaholic, so now it’s time to rethink your values and put your priorities back in order. Maybe you’d like to spend more time with your kids or take your spouse on a date one night a week. Perhaps you haven’t been taking the best care of yourself physically and mentally.

Think about what truly matters to you in your life and rearrange accordingly. This will help you find the balance.

Once you’ve put your priorities in their correct order, remind yourself of them and the order in which you’ve put them. Distractions are inevitable, so you’ve got to learn to be disciplined here.

Is that work event more important than making it to your kid’s soccer game? Could you let your client’s phone call go to voicemail because you’re visiting with your parents? Once you’ve set your priorities, the answers to these types of questions will become easier to answer.


2. De-Stress

When you’re working constantly it’s hard to find the time to take care of yourself. Because of this, you can become anxious, depressed, tired and angry. Workaholism can also lead to serious health problems such as stomach ulcers, heart attack, stroke and death.

It is incredibly important for you to learn to de-stress when you’re not working. When you are away from the office, put your phone away, don’t look at your computer and be present.

Find time to exercise and meditate regularly. Do things you enjoy. Create new hobbies. Get an occasional massage. Experiment and figure out what makes you feel the most in the moment and what takes your mind off work. It’s important for your health.


3. Set Boundaries

We should learn to set healthy boundaries in every aspect of our lives — including at work. It’s even more important to set boundaries surrounding our work. Some ways to do this include saying no, avoiding being overbooked and putting away work while at home.

When you rearrange your priorities and decide what you want, it becomes easier to set boundaries. For example, to not be available all the time, let your clients and coworkers know when you will not be accepting calls and emails. Tell them you will respond during your working hours.

You can set any type of boundary you wish to set — just make sure it aligns with what you want.


4. Limit Your Hours

This can be another boundary you set for yourself when it comes to the hours you work. If you are working on reversing your workaholism, set certain hours that you will be on the clock.

Let’s say you decide to work 45 hours a week maximum. If you go into an office every day, this can be easier. You will only work while you’re in the office. If you work from home, this can get a little trickier.

In the latter case, you’ve got to be disciplined and tell yourself, your clients and coworkers that you will only be available from a certain hour in the morning to a certain hour in the evening.

Setting these hours is the easy part — you’ve got to stick to them to lend to the cure of your workaholism.


5. Be Organized and Efficient

Learn how to focus on getting one thing done at a time. If you have an assistant, give them some tasks to do for you. Figure out ways to automate your workflow. Get good at planning and scheduling, and learn to be patient.

Being organized at work is always helpful, but it’s an especially important habit to get into when you no longer want to be a workaholic. This is because when you’re organized you work more efficiently, and organization and efficiency go hand in hand.

Not everything has to be done right now. Put the proper organization and efficiency in place to reach your work goals, and everything will be completed in time.

There are plenty of things you can do to combat and cure your workaholism. The above are just a few. Share your own in the comments and subscribe to the newsletter for more helpful ideas.

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Sarah Landrum is the founder of Punched Clocks.

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