Impress Your Boss

Just showing up to work, doing what you’re told, clocking out and leaving is easy. But going through the motions won’t leave you feeling fulfilled. And it certainly won’t impress your boss.

If you’re looking for ways to go the extra mile so that you can enjoy your job and impress your boss, check out this list.

  1. Be Present

Be present at your job. Don’t just show up on time. Show up early, set up meetings and stay later than normal if work needs to be wrapped up. This will show your boss you’re committed to your job.

  1. Voice Your Opinion

If you want to impress your boss, you can’t be afraid to speak up. If you have a new idea or an opinion about a project, tell your supervisor about it. Even if you have a question or a concern, you should voice it. Your boss will see that you are willing to learn and that you care about the company. Plus, it demonstrates your ability to think critically, beyond the surface of the project, and that’s always a good thing.

  1. Make an Extra Effort

It’s important to show initiative in the workplace. If something is broken, fix it. If you see a problem, address it. Don’t just wait for the next person. Fifty-two percent of employers prefer a worker who goes the extra mile. Don’t just sit around and meet the status quo. Go above and beyond your boss’s expectations!

  1. Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback means you aren’t afraid to take some constructive criticism, and that you want to improve. Ask your boss for a review of your performance so far – even if it’s not time for a formal review. Your employer will see that you are willing to learn from mistakes and be a better employee.

  1. Want to Learn

Show an eagerness to learn. Ask smart questions. Find a mentor who can help you through difficult workplace situations. Read books. Take courses. Get certifications. Do additional training. Etc. Your boss will notice your interest in your job and in improving the company.

  1. Follow Through

If you say you’re going to do something, make a point to do it. Let your actions speak louder than your words.

  1. Volunteer Your Time

If your boss needs volunteers, raise that hand! If you notice that your coworkers are overwhelmed by responsibilities, offer your assistance. This is all a part of being a team player. Just know when to draw the line: If you feel like your workload is too much, don’t take on someone else’s workload.

  1. Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication is key, no matter what your role is in your company. Learn how to communicate effectively both externally and within your organization. If you improve your public speaking, you may find yourself looking at a promotion!

  1. Be Positive

Maintaining a positive attitude can make all the difference. You will find yourself happier and your boss will notice your enthusiasm. Even when a project seems especially difficult, do your best to rally your team and keep a smile on your face!

  1. Dress to Impress

They say you should dress for the job you want to have. The way you dress certainly counts for something in business. First impressions go a long way. Even if you’ve been working for your boss for several years now, if you have a new client coming in or you are going to a meeting, dress for the occasion. Either way, you will be noticed and your business attire will be appreciated.

  1. Think Outside the Box

Get creative in your workplace. If you’re running a project or heading up a campaign, it can never hurt to spend a little extra time brainstorming creative ideas. Be the person in the office with the best vision for the company and its individual projects. You won’t regret it; employers consider creativity a huge bonus in their employees.

  1. Be Educated

Don’t get left behind! While you clock out and go home for the night, your coworkers are probably studying new skills or maybe even earning another degree. Show your boss that you want to grow as an employee. You never know — some employers even pay for tuition.

  1. Care About the People Around You

Show your concern and interest in your job. Going through the motions is what everyone else is doing. If you want to stand out, care about your clients and care about your coworkers. Ask them about their families and learn things about them. Your boss will be impressed when you remember to ask him how his son’s baseball game went last night. Being a people person will pay off.

  1. Find Solutions to Problems

Show some initiative when it comes to problem solving. Don’t look for help when you first encounter a problem. Do some research and dig a little. Find a solution to your problem so you don’t have to bug your boss. They will definitely appreciate it, problem-solving skills are one of the most important traits employers look for.

  1. Be a Good Listener

If your boss calls you in for a meeting or a review of your performance, practice some active listening. Bring a notepad and pen in with you and take notes. Make eye contact and be confident. Finally, carry out whatever instructions you are given as soon as possible. Show that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to be great at your job, not just satisfactory.

  1. Be Part of the Team

Don’t skip out on social engagements for your job. Skipping the Christmas party won’t win you any points in your boss’s eyes. Do your best to put on a smile and enjoy yourself. Be part of the team. You’ll enjoy your job more and your boss will notice your willingness to be a team player.

  1. Balance Work-Life and Home-Life

Keeping a healthy balance between work and home life will make you happy. When you’re happy at home, you’re more likely to be happy at work. While your career is important, your friends and family are important, too. Any boss can appreciate an employee’s desire to do what’s best for family and friends.


What do you do to impress your boss? Bosses, what can employees do to impress you? Share your tips in the comments!

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17 Ways to Impress Your Boss

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