Dog-Themed Desk Accessories

Maybe your office manager isn’t up for barking, shedding and puppy potty breaks during the workday. While it’s a bummer, you can deck out your office space in dog-inspired office supplies and décor to make up for the fact that you can’t bring yours in with you.

These puppy-approved items deserve a spot in your office, just like fido deserves a spot in your heart.

1 - Boston Terrier Peek a Boo Clock

Boston Terrier Peak A Boo Clock ($30): Watch the minutes tick away with this cutie pie staring back at you! If you’re a Boston-lover (like me!), this clock is a must-have item for your office wall.

2 - Assorted Dog Print Set

Assorted Dog Print Set ($20): Add some love to your cubicle with this set of four dog prints. They’re so cute, you’ll probably start talking to them. It’s probably a good thing your coworkers already think you’re a little crazy.

3 - Ceramic Dachshund Planter

Ceramic Dachshund Planter ($40): This little doxy will bring some color into that drab cubicle space. If someone thinks you’re going nutty for talking to this little guy, just tell them you’re talking to your plants to help them grow.

4 - Girlie Dog Assorted Card Set

Girlie Dog Assorted Card Set ($14): Say thank you in dog language with these hip cards. These pups look pretty in pink, and they’re made in the USA.

6 - Bost Terrier Portrait Coasters

Boston Terrier Portrait Coasters ($14): Stay hydrated at work in style with these adorable Boston terrier coasters. They’re made with a pebble finish lamination, so they’re easy to clean — and they’re reusable. The best part: they’re available for most breeds in the Etsy shop!

i work hard so my dog can have a better life

Wood Box Sign ($11): It’s not like any of your coworkers don’t know you love dogs, but maybe it’s time you shared the truth: you work hard for your money, so you can spoil your dog. Your other dog-loving coworkers will know exactly what you’re talking about.


Watchdog Doorstop ($24): Even if you have to stay at work past sunset, you’ll be protected with this little guy watching your door. He’s made from heavy iron, so he isn’t going anywhere!

dog lamp base

Ceramic Dog Lamp Base ($130): You would splurge on your dog in a heartbeat, so it’s time to treat yourself. This handcrafted ceramic lamp by Ann-Katrin Braf, a Scandinavian artist, will brighten your office space — figuratively and literally.


Woof Picture Frame ($10.45): Fill this frame with a picture of you and your pooch so that you can see his or her sweet face, even when you’re working.


Scottie Dog Pencil Holder ($1.95): Every professional needs a pen on his or her desk to sign official documents… or doodle on post-it’s during long conference calls. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.) This cute pup will make it easy to find and grab for your ink.

10 - I like dogs more than I like you mug

I Like Dogs More Than I Like You Mug ($14): Caffeinating + Sharing Your Love of Canines = Win-Win!


Pug Mouse Pad ($5): Even if you don’t have a pug yourself, you can appreciate the fact that they’re pretty darn cute. Perhaps having a mush-faced pup on your mouse pad will inspire you to work happier.

13 - The Bark Clips

The Bark Clips ($8): Nothing will put a smile on your boss’s face like receiving a memo with one of these bad boys attached. They’re so cute — maybe not appropriate for crucial client meetings, but adorable nonetheless.


Boxer Coasters ($13.68): A stressful day calls for a cool glass of water-cooler water. This coaster set will keep your cup from sweating all over the important documents on your desk.

9 - Doggy Clip Magnets

Doggy Clip Magnets ($9): Forget the boring magnetic clips on the office refrigerator — you can now own friendly fido ones!

12 - Dog Calendar

Dog Calendar ($22): Stay on track with deadlines and meetings with this dog-inspired calendar. You’ll work harder when you see these pups hanging on your wall because you’ll know you can go home to your own furbaby soon.


Doug the Pug Wall Calendar ($12.23): Doug the Pug is an Instagram celebrity with more than 1.1 million followers. You can have a little piece of his pop-culture pie with this adorable calendar.

14 - Dog Cable Tie

Dog Cable Tie ($10): Struggle with messy cords? Not anymore! This bendable doxy has your back and will make office organization closer to being complete.

16 - Balloon Book Ends

Balloon Book Ends ($45): Bring the carnival right to your office with these dog-inspired balloon animals. They look the part but are heavy enough to hold all of your binders and books in place.

19 - Dog Pencil and Card Holder

Dog Pencil and Card Holder ($30): Manage all of your office supplies with this doggy office caddy. Even though you can’t bring your pup to work like you can at other companies, you could put your dog’s photo in the card holder slot to keep him front and center.


Rubber Tail Hooks ($25.49): Even if you can’t use these pup-inspired hooks to hang up, say, a leash and a collar, you can use them to hold your bag and coat and remind you of who’s waiting for you to get home.


Puppy Dog Index Tabs ($2): Whether you’re researching or reading through a manual, finding any way to make it more exciting is paramount to getting the job done — and not getting fired. These puppy sticky tabs are stylish and cute — and they will help you give 110% to the task ahead of you.


Woofy Cable Container ($200): It’s pricey, but this sleek, adorable puppy dog will have your cluttered desk looking nice and organized. That’s because you can fittingly hide all of your loose cables inside of its tail.


Boston Terrier USB ($42): Your important files can live on here and stick right by your side, just like man’s best friend.

17 - French Bull Dog Tape Dispenser

French Bull Dog Tape Dispenser ($13): Bring some bling to the office with this adorable Frenchie tape dispenser. Keep your eye on him or a coworker might snatch him!


 Ready to spruce up your office? Let us know which dog office supplies you’ll be adding to your desk in the comments!

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