The average person spends 1,700 hours per year at work, so hopefully when you go to the office you have a pleasant space to work in. With the cubicle being almost the default in every office setting, though, it’s likely your space is more drab and boring than warm and welcoming. The following ideas will give you inspiration for cheering up your own cubicle, without requiring you to empty your bank account.

Walls and Floor

Cubicle Decor - Cute Rug


These are the largest areas in your space, and are also the blankest and most uninspiring. Luckily, that makes them some of the best areas to use to personalize your cubicle. To cheer up the floor, the easiest method is to buy an attractive floor rug, or chair mat if you’re worried the casters on your chair would get caught in a rug.

There are multiple options for your walls. If you want to cover the entire space, you can probably tack up a fabric of your choice onto them. If you don’t want to use fabric, you can use patterned paper, wallpaper, or gift-wrap. Most cubicle walls are designed to accommodate tacks, so this should be simple to achieve.

If you just want to display pictures, you can buy cheap matching frames to hang on your walls. You could use Velcro on the back of the frames to attach them. Other cheap ideas include paper garlands, corkboards, and vinyl wall stickers.

Finally, a mirror hung on the wall can reflect more light into your space if needed, as well as being decorative. It can also alert you to people coming up behind you, especially useful if you wear headphones regularly.



If you’re going to be sitting in your chair for hours every day, you may as well have a comfortable chair. If your office will allow you, order a new, more ergonomic chair. If you talk to your manager, you may be able to get work to order one for you.

You can also make modifications to your desk to make it more comfortable to work at. The easiest way to do it is to raise your monitor to eye level, to avoid strain on your neck. You can do this simply by stacking books or boxes to rest your monitor on, or buy yourself a monitor mount to do the same job.


Cubicle Decor - Furniture

The fluorescent lighting in most offices can be very harsh, but in your cubicle there are ways to soften its edge. Many swear by using lamps with full spectrum bulbs, as they give the appearance of full sunlight rather than artificial light. You can also bring in a lamp with a unique lampshade to personalize your space, or string Christmas lights around to give it a more festive vibe.


Cubicle Decor - Accessories

This is where you can truly make your space your own with a variety of personal touches. Remember, though, that your managers may not want you to fill your cubicle with unnecessary clutter. Pick your items thoughtfully.

If you collect small toys or other small objects, you could make a small display of them on your desk. Remember to keep it to a small number though, to keep your space from being overwhelmed.

Plants are a great way of livening up your cubicle. Before getting one, make sure the plant you’re buying is pollen free as to not upset your co-workers. Succulents are usually best, as they are pollen free and require minimal care. If you kill every plant you touch, artificial flowers and plants are just as good as the real thing.


Cubicle Decor - Organization

As a cubicle is such a small space, keeping all your things tidy is crucial. Thankfully, there are numerous ways of keeping your stationery in order. There are multiple options available, so this is your excuse to hit up your local stationery store or browse online to pick out the best option for you. Some ideas to consider are racks that use the vertical space in your cubicle, such as file holders, or trays and boxes to hold your smaller supplies.

Remember is to check in with management before making any changes, to check what is and isn’t allowed. Once you know, make that space all your own.


Images from Leah Remillet and her beautiful office.
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