38 to do lists to help you tackle yours

A post-it here, a smartphone reminder there, and a million mental notes in between: You certainly have a to-do list at all times, but it’s probably not all in one place. That’s where these 38 notepads come in, each one designed to be the place where you jot down what needs to be done.

Once you’ve tackled the list, sit back and relax … until a new to-do pops into your head.

Do Something Awesome

Do Something Awesome Jotter ($16): This applies to all to-do lists: No matter how banal your tasks seem, you’re doing something awesome for yourself by staying on top of your game.

Watercolor Printable To-Do List

Watercolor Printable To-Do List ($8): A gorgeous, motivating list to help you prioritize what’s most pressing and what can wait. You can even doodle the things you probably won’t get to … ever.

Big Weekly To-Do List Pad

Big Weekly To-Do List Pad ($19): What’s more satisfying than marking items off your to-do list? Ripping them off! This extra-large pad has perforations so you can rip off the days you’ve completed as you work toward the weekend. Just start from the bottom and work your way up.

Pink Floral Desk Pad

Pink Floral Desk Pad ($12): This pad is roughly the size of a mouse pad, and you can totally use it as such. That puts your week at a glance whenever you’re at the computer, which makes this an ideal addition to your work desk.

Don't Forget

Don’t Forget Notepad ($5): At the top of the pad, you can circle the day on which you’re planning to complete the tasks you’ve written. That way, you’ll never forget what you have to do or when you have to do it.

Free Printable Daily List

Printable Daily To-Do List (Free): You’ll find a little bit of everything on this printable list, including the day’s tasks, goals for tomorrow and room to write out any ideas that come to you throughout the day.

Graphic Tear-Off Pad

Graphic Tear-Off Notepad ($6): The bright yellow might help keep you focused on the task(s) you have on-deck, and they’ll definitely bring a pop of cheery color to your desk.

Bright and Modern Printable

Bright + Modern Printable To-Do List (free): This list provides both perspective and parameters: It requires that you decide your top three tasks to get done on a particular day and at what times you’ll check your social media accounts. Hello, focus.

Hand-Lettered Recycled Notepad

Hand-Lettered Recycled Notepad ($10): No ifs, ands or buts, it’s time to get to work. Productive and earth-conscious listers will appreciate that this particular product comes from recycled paper and uses soy ink.

DIY Printable To Do List

DIY Printable To-Do List (free): All you need’s a working printer to get this gorgeous list into your life. Choose between color and black-and-white versions for more versatility.

Paint Strokes Notepad

Paint Strokes Tear-Off Notepad ($12): This watercolor-inspired pad has 52 pages so you can plan out every week for an entire calendar year. Use each day’s section to plan what you’ll do today and remember what’s in store for tomorrow.

Get it Done

Get It Done Notepad ($8): An adorable zebra gives you the pep talk you need to tackle this to-do list.

Honeydew Tear-Off Notepad

Honeydew Tear-Off Notepad ($12): Traditional desk calendars are stark and depressing, but this cheery iteration will have you excited to plan for the week ahead.

Kate Spade Notepad

Kate Spade New York Large Notepad ($14): Even popular fashion designers understand the importance of getting organized and getting stuff done. This Kate Spade notebook motivates you to finish your to-do list today.

Floral To-DO

Floral To-Do Notepad ($10): As you sit down at the office, rifle through emails and plan out your day, reach for this notepad that has just enough room for the day’s activities. Tear off and repeat tomorrow.

Get Shit Done

Get Sh-t Done To-Do List ($11): No sunshine and rainbows here. This list uses blunt language to get you moving on your to-dos.

Calligraphy Printable

Printable To-Do List (Free): What’s better than free? A printable that includes check boxes next to each line so you can feel the rush of satisfaction with each item you complete.

Desktop Notepad

Desktop Notepad ($9): Your to-dos probably aren’t that romantic or whimsical, but this adorable notepad lets you pretend.

Lists of Lists of Lists

Lists of Lists of Lists Notepad ($9): Not all list-makers like things symmetrical, straight and perfectly organized. This fun notepad puts a topsy-turvy spin on your to-dos.

To-Do Ledger

To-Do Desk Ledger ($8): This is the perfect accessory for anyone who likes to divide their to-dos between certain areas: work, house, kids’ activities, travel planning, etc. The ledger hides four different pads on which you can write separate lists – just shut the cover to hide them all.

Today We Rock This

Today We Rock This To-Do List ($9): Inspiring words plus a pretty design will have you ready to rock each day that you outline on this notepad. It’s small enough to fit in your purse, too. Perfect for the girl on the go.

DIY Notepad

DIY Notepad (free): A team of bloggers not only designed a free printable template of this notepad, but they also teach you how to put the whole thing together into a real, live notepad – just click and print.

Lilly Pulitzer Pen Set and To-Do List

Lilly Pulitzer Pen Set and Decorative Writing Accessory ($30): I Must, I May, I Might are categories that to-doers should live by, and Lilly Pulitzer makes this dose of list-making reality into something bright and fun with her design.

Free Printable Goal Cards

Printable Goal Cards (Free): Your to-do list won’t always cover a day or week’s time. These cards inspire you to look beyond and plan out your goals for the days, weeks, months and year ahead.

Great Things Notepad

Great Things Tear-Off Notepad ($12): If you haven’t found an inspiring quote to go with your to-do list, here’s another attempt: Vincent Van Gogh’s words pair beautifully with floral accents on this notepad.

Today is the Day Notepad

Today is the Day Notepad ($11): Divide your tasks by time of day on this notepad, which also has space for you to shoot for the stars. When you complete everything on the list, tackle the “If I Get to It” section, too, for ultimate satisfaction.

Good Minions are Hard to Find

Good Minions Are Hard to Find Daily To-Do List ($8+): A magnetic to-do list lets your entire legion of minions – er, your entire family – know what needs to get done if you stick it to the fridge.

Daily Planner

Daily Planner Notepads ($13): This is one detailed list. It breaks down your schedule by the hour and includes meals, water intake, to-dos and deadlines. Just in case there’s anything leftover, they gave you a blank section to fill in for yourself.

Free Printable Daily To Do

Printable Daily To-Do List (Free):This printable has the same feel as the above list with more focus on what you’ll do each hour. Perfect for those with lots of meetings.

Free Printable Weekly

My Weekly To Do List Printable (Free): You can organize your entire week on a single piece of paper. On Sunday, print a new one so you can start again when Monday rolls around.

Do it for the cupcakes printable

Do It For the Cupcakes Printable To-Do List (free): The last free printable on the list incorporates sweets – in other words, we’ve saved the best for last. Maybe if you finish everything on your list, you can treat yourself to the cupcakes that the designer has incorporated as a Sunday to-do.

List Makers Gonna List

List Makers Gonna List ($12+): This is the perfect pad for notorious list-makers: It accepts their need for organization and makes it pretty darn fun.

At Home At Work

At Home/At Work Perforated Pad ($7): This two-sided notepad is similar to No. 4 on this list, but it allows you to plan what you’ll accomplish at work, as well as before or after you clock in.

To Do To Buy

Perforated To Do/To Buy Notepad ($4): Your to-dos might include a trip to the grocery store, for example, but you don’t want to cramp your regular list with food you want to buy. Fortunately, this perforated, divided notepad has you covered.

Get Your Shit Together Notepad

Get Your Sh-t Together Notepad ($11): This list has three categories, titled just as frankly as the list itself: easy sh-t, tough sh-t and oh, sh-t. Scale your tasks for the day so you get the hard stuff over with first or work your way up to it – whatever works for you.

Daily To-Do Memo Pad

Enjoy Every Moment Daily To-Do List Memo Pad ($10): This to-do list outlines your menu, reminds you to drink water and helps you carve out workout time. It even gives you a place to reflect on the things for which you are thankful. It’s a one-stop to-do shop.

Daily Schedule Printable

Printable Daily Schedule and To-Do List ($5): This printable caters to those who have a hard time deciding what’s most important to get done each day, as it has a section in which you can delineate your top three to-dos.

Paper Roll To-Do List

Paper Roll To-Do List: Let this London restaurant’s rotating menu inspire your new to-do list. A hanging roll of paper allows you and your family to see everyone’s to-dos, and it also allows you to easily update and completely change the schedule – or the week’s menu.


Which to-do list are you adding to your shopping list? Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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38 To-Do Lists to Help You Tackle Yours

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