Today’s the day!

Today, the love of my life and my best friend becomes my husband. After seven wonderful years together, we are tying the knot!

So, why I am telling you this when Punched Clocks is *clearly* not a personal or a wedding blog?

Well, getting married is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. But it’s also a lot of work. So after months of planning and pushing out content, I’m taking a little break from writing to enjoy my time as a newlywed!

I’ll be away on my honeymoon taking some much needed time to relax, which means posts may be sparse for the next couple of weeks.

But don’t worry, I’ll be right back at it when I return in mid-May. In the meantime, here are a few photos of our beautiful engagement!


Where it all happened!

The Arboretum at Penn State. July 11, 2015.

IMG_0133 IMG_0135


Are you really engaged if you don’t announce it to the world via social media?

No. No, you’re not.

Luckily, we have a beautiful Boxer, Bella, to help us with that!

11249478_10153339304795901_574469982968125591_n 11695983_10153339304880901_6514979541222497331_n

Just a few of my favorite engagement photos, courtesy of the wonderful Casey Albright.

Sarah and Kyle Engagement-12 Sarah and Kyle Engagement-38 Sarah and Kyle Engagement-64

First comes love… then comes a home


And a dog.

The newest addition to our family: Sadie, a Boston Terrier puppy we rescued through NEBTR.

*Resisting the urge to fill this entire post with pictures of our girls*


Of course, I also need my girls.

A few from my bridal luncheon and shower.

11220079_10153832746595901_2233825350492104654_n 12115624_10153832746650901_7132207209278346272_n 11703073_10153832746185901_9141726585625122836_n


12814094_10153832864495901_8914070102819493993_n 10890_10153832823825901_61912275076599819_n 12115804_10153832824365901_5726334387284272951_n 1928289_10153832823150901_3596229788580472289_n

Next up: I do!

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