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How to Use Technology to Upgrade Your Job Search (1)

The job search market is changing thanks to new technology. Gone are the days of presenting your career accomplishments on one or two pages of paper. Employers are now able to easily tell the difference between resume embellishments and hard skills. Prospective employees also have their fair share of advantages too.

Use Your LinkedIn Account to Balance Your Resume

Do you have a LinkedIn account? If you answered no, you’re missing out on an opportunity to present your work in a new light. LinkedIn accounts allow you to present additional information which may not fit on your resume. Network connections can endorse you for different skills which give employers a better picture of your skills. You can also include links to relevant work you’ve produced online or to projects you’ve worked on.

Check Your Work Twice

Remember the last time you found a typo on a webpage? It probably left you feeling as though the author doesn’t take the extra few seconds to double check their work. Don’t fall into the same trap with potential employers. Comb through your resume and make sure it is 100 percent error-free before passing it out. Have a trusted friend or industry mentor look through it as well. This way you’ll be sure to present yourself in the best light.

Revamp Your Social Media Account

When was the last time you went through your social media account? Those old photos from college which may make you cringe will likely make employers do the same. Before you begin your job search, sit down with your accounts and remove any photos, posts, or information you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing in a job interview. Double check that your account comes up in searches and that you can be easily found. At the very least, up your privacy settings on information best kept between close friends.

Use Your Phone to Apply Online

Create a mobile-friendly version of your resume and save it to your phone so you can easily apply for new jobs which spark your fancy while on the run. You’ll be able to maximize the amount of time you spend looking for new jobs and reduce the risk of forgetting to apply when you get a chance to sit down at your computer. Keeping an online resume allows employers to find you easily and may lead to interviews without you having to apply.

Grow Your Online Network

Social media offers you the opportunity to connect with influential figures in your field of interest and potential mentors. Avoid falling into the creepy trap and broach connections in the same way you would in person. Share content you find interesting and blog about your passions. Prospective employers will likely search your profile when they receive your application.

Create Your Own Website

Developing your own website is an excellent way to showcase your online resume in more detail. Get creative and supplement your content with links to projects you’ve worked on in the past and new content relevant to your industry. Include your contact information as well as what services you are available for and interested in providing. Make sure to include this link in your social media accounts for employers to easily find you.

Show Your Personality in a Video

Skype and other video interviews are becoming more common. A video is another way to showcase your personality, your sense of humor and give prospective employers a better idea of who you are. For your next cover letter, consider filming a short video which provides additional information about you not included in your resume. Don’t go on for too long – employers are usually pressed for time and likely have a short attention span. A video cover letter will help you stand out from other candidates.

The job search process has changed a lot over the past decade. Step up your game and use technology to give yourself an extra edge while you hunt for your next career move. With a little bit of creativity, you’ll be on your way to landing your dream job. Which of these tech tips do you plan on using next time you upgrade your resume? Have another tip I didn’t mention? Share them in the comments, and subscribe for more advice for your life and career.

About the Author: Nathan Sykes is a business writer with a passion for tech and IT. To see more posts by Nathan, read his blog at Finding an Outlet or follow him on Twitter.

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